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Author Topic: SSDFacts Forum Etiquette  (Read 11890 times)


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SSDFacts Forum Etiquette
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:34:27 PM »
Here are some basic SSDFACTS rules and tips for our members:

~Disclaimer: Cause it wouldn't be serious without the fine print ~ These are subject to change any updates will be noted the change log below. ~

1) Please post your question or comment in the appropriate forum. This will help you get the quickest, most accurate responses.
Please keep posts on-topic. A new subject is best discussed in a new thread.

2) Please keep your post clear and easy to understand. You may wish to separate different subjects into different posts.

3) Please do not re-post same topic in another area of the forum. It is confusing and will not get you a more timely response, moderators will have to delete/merge the responses and it makes Marci angry... you don't want to see Marci angry. ;p

4) Please read and understand the Terms Of Service. It outlines what is and is not allowed. You will see many different opinions and suggestions here.

***Remember that SSDFacts in not to be considered legal or professional advice, You are ultimately responsible for your actions and decisions. Always consider all possible outcomes of any course of action and plan accordingly.

***No advertising, spamming or solicitation of any sort is allowed.

***SSDFacts is not a financial/legal advisor nor does it provide personalized credit, tax, financial counseling or individualized services of any sort.

***There are no services provided "for sale", nor are donations for advice accepted. We do allow donations to assist in the operating costs. These are always appreciated and never expected. If you choose to donate you have the right to remain anonymous.

***You are encouraged to retain the services of a professional as necessary. Any information pertaining to an individual/company's credibility or effectiveness in not endorsed by this site or the members. Only you can determine what professional/agency will work for you.

 ***SSDFacts provides a forum for claimants to share knowledge and experiences. is not the "publisher" of individual member posts.

5) Personally identifying information is never necessary. Please do not post actual benefit award amounts, your full name, address, Social Security number, etc. Despite our family atmosphere and security measures, SSDFacts is a public forum, open to viewing by anybody. Please treat your personal information accordingly.

6) If you have not received a response to your post, please don't feel that we are ignoring you. It is likely not intentional, but the result of heavy traffic. You may "bump" your post back up to the top of the list when necessary, so that it is seen. To existing members or newer members please refrain from bumping post indiscriminately in effort to boost your own posts rating. Please pay attention to dates of posts when looking through the older ones so as not to respond “needlessly”. For example, Necro'ing a new member post from three months ago.

7) Please be respectful of other SSDFacts members. Many diverse backgrounds and lifestyles are represented here, and we insist that all are treated with dignity. Offensive remarks, racial, ethnic or religious intolerance may just offend the person who has the very answer you seek. We welcome members from all walks of life, and insist that our home remain a safe and friendly place for everyone. Political and/or religious discussion or commentary is not allowed in any form, such posts will be moderated or removed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

***If you should find a post offensive or disruptive, please use the "report to moderator" function in the lower-right corner of the questionable post to bring it to the moderator’s attention.

8) Please use common sense. Be wary of anyone offering to help you out in private.
SSDFacts will never request money or any other consideration in exchange for access to this board. Any member who requests money or any other consideration in conjunction with this board should be immediately reported to the moderators. Guard your personal information! The best way to ask questions and work on your claim is in public... in the forums.

Scammers and Co. don't like the light of day!

9) SSDFacts is not the place to discuss scams or illegal activities.
We reserve the right to remove any post(s) at any time ~ for any reason ~ at our sole discretion.
Leaving any certain post visible does not signify approval of it's contents. Please use common sense and good judgment at all times. When in doubt don't post. YOU are solely responsible for the content of your posts, SSDFACTS assumes no liability for member-provided content.

10) SSDFacts may from time to time allow third-parties to advertise on our site. Advertising placed by certain third-parties (Google) is not reviewed by SSDFacts and we do not take a position, positive or negative on any specific item that may be advertised.

If you have any questions, just ask a Moderator. (We don't bite, well Bonzai might)

***Your personal information, email address, user name or other similar information is never given, sold or otherwise provided to anyone for marketing or any other purpose.***

Change Log: Original Posting by BNicholeN on 8/21/2012

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Re: SSDFacts Forum Etiquette
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2012, 12:13:44 PM »
Well stated Brooke, thank you!
I speak from experience not expertise.


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Re: SSDFacts Forum Etiquette
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2013, 09:52:43 AM »

SSDFacts and Forum is a member-based exchange of experience, knowledge and support for people navigating the Social Security Disability application process.  

It is a comprehensive, FREE resource which has been developed over time by members of the forum with experience ranging from fellow applicants to former Social Security Administration employees.
It is an emotional safe haven where you can share the burden of your disabilities with others in the same boat and get advice about everything from how to lower your medication costs to how to collect your medical records and get them where they need to go.  From people who've been there.  From people who know.  From people who genuinely care.

We respect and value the experiences and opinions of all of our members, and have created a set of forum guidelines to preserve the open, interactive, caring atmosphere SSDFacts and Forum is renowned for.  

Our team of volunteer moderators is entrusted with the mission of preserving that atmosphere without stifling or offending. Moderators will use their discretion to gently enforce forum guidelines, focus discussions, and protect members with all of the tools at their disposal, including editing or deleting posts, moving, closing or deleting topics, and restricting member’s ability to post, temporarily or permanently, when warranted.

We appreciate your taking the time to review these guidelines in detail, and look forward to your joining the SSDFacts and Forum conversation.
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