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Author Topic: Medicaid paying Medicare premium (for Part B) Question.  (Read 419 times)


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Medicaid paying Medicare premium (for Part B) Question.
« on: April 19, 2017, 10:25:41 PM »
So I have Medicaid, and since I wont my SSDI and SSI case, I will be receiving Medicare as well.
They told me that there is a deductible for medicare plan b that they take off the monthly checks . However, if I have Medicaid, than Medicaid can pick up that premium and pay for it.
as it stands now, I was told today:
I have Medicare as of April 1, and my first SSDI check will be coming in min May, and 2 months worth of deductibles will be subtracted from that check.
They said I should speak to my Medicaid about having them pick up the premium.
I called my Medicaid, and they said that it is not in their hands anymore as Medicare will be taking over, and I should speak to the Medicaid transfer office. I spoke to them, they also said that it is not them, and I should call my local department of social services to set up that Medicaid pay the medicare premium ( do I don't loose that money, when my checks finally start coming) . and if Medicaid agrees to backpay that money, or even the last 2 years of when I was eligible for medicare.

I'm very confused how to go about this.
what will my insurance look like? Medicare being primary, and Medicaid being secondary? Medicaid automatically picking up the medicare part b premium? I was sent in circles today, who do I speak to , to set this up- as of what it stands now, what is in the SSA system is that they are deducting the medicare premium from my upcoming check. I would like to prevent that, or at least be reimbursed for that, and figure out how to set up the system that Medicaid covers the premium directly.
I am in New York State, and very lost and confused

Please help me out here with your insight and experience.

Thank You so much

also, P.S. how should I know which advantage plan to choose, or if to choose one? who can I speak to who will help guide me what is best for my needs?

Thanks again!


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Re: Medicaid paying Medicare premium (for Part B) Question.
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 04:38:59 AM »  You are asking about a Medicare Savings Program to pay your Part B premium.  Here is the info on that.

You need to set up an appointment  with  SHIP   (State Health  Insurance  Assistance  Program  )  to get assistance choosing an Advantage or Supplement plan.  And deciding on a Part D prescription plan.  In NY state, it is called HIICAP & here is a link with a list if the local offices.  Contact whichever office is closest to you.  They should also be able to help you with who to contact with the Medicare Savings programs if you still need help when you have your appointment.  (Make sure you bring a prescription drug list - names & dosages.)

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Re: Medicaid paying Medicare premium (for Part B) Question.
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2017, 08:28:52 PM »
Medicare Savings Program (Medicare/Medicaid)is based on income and resources. Some people that received Medicaid before they were approved are no longer eligible for Medicaid after approval. If you are married, the income and resource limits include your spouses income and resources as well as yours. The income and resource limits are at the link Helper provided.

If you are still eligible for Medicaid, they may not be able to stop the deduction of the Medicare Premiums from your monthly benefits before you receive your first check. If they cannot, they should reimburse you in several months.

Be sure your doctors accept your Medicare Advantage Plan, Before you decide on Medicare Advantage. Unless you don't mind changing doctor. Medicare Advantage Plans don't have as many doctors as Traditional Medicare. Almost all doctors accept Medicare alone or Medicare and Medicaid.
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